Ysnore Review – Can it Help you Stop Snoring?

Ysnore is a nasal drop that’s supposed to combat snoring by increasing the air flow in the nasal passages thereby improving breathing and preventing congestion. However, with all the anti-snore products being sold in the market, what does Ysnore have to offer that other nasal and throat sprays do not have? We did a review to find out if Ysnore works better compare to others.


  • made of natural ingredients from the extracts of ginger root and yam
  • safe and homeopathic remedy for snoring as there is no invasive procedure or complicated device involved
  • its small size makes it easy to carry or bring along during travels
  • widely available at your local grocery, health stores, supermarkets and online sites like amazon.com


  • its a nasal drop so it might be a little messy to apply the first time
  • users have reported that sometimes it works, sometimes it does not
  • does not seem to provide a permanent solution to snoring
  • does not offer money-back guarantee


After our investigation, we found out that there is nothing significantly present in Ysnore that makes it more advantageous than other products. Most of the throat and nasal sprays being sold in the market are also made from natural ingredients and address the problem the same way. Consumers who have tried the product reported mixed results. However, you can purchase Ysnore for around $8 so it might not hurt if you try it. If something promises to cure your snoring problem, it might be worth trying as who knows, this might be the right product for you. The only way to find out is to try it yourself.

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