Why Do People Snore

The vibrations of the soft tissues located at the back of the throats are responsible for the loud, annoying sounds that is known as snoring. These structures consist of the uvula, tonsils and palate which flap against each other during the presence of too much tissues or when there is something that causing the blockage of the air passages responsible for breathing.

These are more specific reasons why people snore:

poor muscle tone and structures in the throat and tongue area

bulky and excessive tissues in the throat

long soft plate and uvula tissues at the back of the mouth

blocked nasal airways

That is why, if one is obese or overweight, they tend to snore more because of the excess fat in their throat and neck area. They can obstruct the nasal air passages which then leads to snoring. It is therefore advisable to lose extra pounds if you are not within your ideal weight; not only to cure snoring habit but for your over-all health and well-being as well.

People who suffer from allergies, cold and flu tend to snore also since the membrane lining of the nose and throat are inflamed during this time. Again, this condition causes blockage of the nasal airways thereby leading to snoring.

Snoring problem also becomes worse with age. This is because the muscles and tissues tend to become poorer and weaker as one becomes old. That is why, it is common for old people to snore when they sleep.

Alcohols, sleeping pills and anti-depressants are another major culprits for the snoring sound. They contain substance which can relax the muscle and the face too much causing them to sag back into the airway passages causing the blockage.

Studies have also shown that men snore more than women, in fact 80% of men snore at some time compare to the women at only 40%. This is brought about by the physical structures of the men that are built slightly different than that of the women. They have more vibrant and heavier vocal cords and more loose tissues in the back of their throat. They also tend to have fatter necks and bigger tongues which can are physical features that can contribute to snoring. The fact that men are more prone to bad lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking alcohols and overeating are also reasons why they tend to snore more.

Poor sleeping habits are another reasons why people snore. Try sleeping on your side instead of your back as it might improve the situation. Sleeping flat on your back has the tendency to relax the flesh of thereby blocking the airway. Also, try to avoid eating heavy meals during dinner time.

There are a lot of anti-snoring devices and aids available in the market that can cure your snoring problem. There are also natural cures and certain lifestyle modifications that can address this problem. All you have to do is to act now and start discovering which treatment for snoring can best help you.

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