RIP Snore Mouthpiece Review – Can it really Cure Snoring?

RIP Snore Mouthpiece is something that can spare someone from humiliation. Let’s admit the fact that it is really very embarrassing to snore especially if you are going to sleep in somebody else’s place. It will lower your self-esteem that will result for you to avoid sleeping in your friend’s place. Additionally, snoring can affect the relationship of married couples because of the obvious reason that it will be hard for your partner to go to sleep if you are making a terrible sound at night. Snoring may be just a simple problem but if you will allow it to affect your lives, it will surely ruin something and since it is a problem that is now affecting a lot of households, there are ways that you can do to stop someone from it.

RIP snore mouthpiece is a great device that will help you solve the problem. Similar to other devices, it is clinically tested to be very effective. Just like a boxer’s mouthpiece, the device is being worn inside the mouth when sleeping. Using the device, it allows the airways of an individual to become open that will prevent it from snoring. But, what is the edge of the RIP from other mouthpiece snoring device? It is certainly the fact that aside from helping an individual not to snore it is also a perfect device to acquire the proper position of the mouth while sleeping. Additionally, since the mouthpiece covers the entire teeth it will also prevent it from grinding. Another sleeping problem that can be cured by RIP is apnea. However, if you are experiencing apnea, it will be better to consult a doctor prior to using the device.

Just like using any snoring devices, there’s always a doubt if it will be an effective device. Well, if you are going to ask those who have tried it they will answer you with a positive reply. Of course you can’t always please everybody. This is why the manufacturer of the product offers a great deal on this snore mouthpiece. They offer full money back warranty if you will return the device within 45 days after it was purchased.

RIP Snore Mouthpiece is comfortable to use and the design of the product has been engineered to provide its customers with comfort while wearing it. With the positive feedback and reviews that the device is receiving, it is definitely a snoring product that you would want to have.

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  3. Erich says:

    I am willing to try anything to not be tired. I run my own business and need to be alert

  4. Robin says:

    Snoring has ruined my relationship. We have slept apart for seven months and my partner is now thinking the “love” is gone. I am praying RipSnore can help us find our way back to each other. I will be back with a testimonial once I have given the product and honest, fair trial period.

  5. Doug says:

    This thing has really worked for me the last two years, but it did take some getting used to.

    It relocates the bottom jaw slightly which caused me some TMJ pain. I wore it intermittently for a while (wife would sleep elsewhere when I was not wearing it) but now I can wear it every night.

    I occassionally spit it out in my sleep, but my wife makes sure I find it and get it back in!

  6. admin says:

    I am glad you found the solution for your snoring problem. It’s really a matter of trying out different products to see which one suits you best

  7. admin says:

    I hope things will work out well for you.

  8. unsatisfied says:

    This product is rubbish. Not only does the product not work, the extremely poor customer service received when trying to get the 45 day money back guarantee was enough to never recommend anyone to try this product.

  9. Lisa Hagner says:

    We tried this product, but it only helps a little. My husband still snores with this product. I would like my money refunded please.

  10. admin says:

    Lisa, I suggest you contact the manufacturer for the refund, not us. sorry about that….

  11. Javier says:

    This product did not work for me..As I sent back the piece and copy of my receipt I still haven’t seen my refund as they promised and guaranteed!? I am taking this to a higher level to get resolution and will await my refund since 11/14/2011 of $75 that is why I really don’t trust web purchases and thought they would be honest but when I left several attempts to contact them not once did I receive a reply.
    Bad for business. I hope they send me my money back!

  12. admin says:

    I am sorry about that…i hope you find the right product for you soon.

  13. nancy says:

    I purchased this 18 months ago, an special offer 2 for the price of 1. I prepared it as pr directions and used it successfully for 14 months- then I left it overseas on vacation! So I prepared the second device; it has not worked. My dentist recommends I simply buy a new one and start over again. He said he has nothing that will work better, and he would have to charge me more. I will buy RIP snore again ASAP.

  14. douglas mcdougall says:

    The device can work, but i found you also need a jaw strap to keep your mouth closed. When your mouth opens, as it will when you lay on your back, the mouthpiece falls out of place, making it not effective. So i found you need both devices.

  15. Jay says:

    I have purchased RIPSNORE device today.
    In due course, I will certainly provide a detail report on this device.

  16. admin says:

    We would love to hear reviews about this product

  17. Our Latest Testimonial from January 2017.


    We have been using the RIPsnore device for about a year now. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference this has made to my life. Newly married, I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in 2 and a half years of being with my husband. I had become a different person through sheer, severe sleep deprivation. It got to the stage where we were in separate beds for at least part of most nights. I remember saying to my husband that I didn’t get married (after having been single for a while) just to be sleeping alone in a bed again. It was causing alot of tension in our relationship.

    We had tried all kinds of things to alleviate the snoring and it was taking a considerable toll not only on our relationship, but my mental and physical wellbeing as well as my performance at work. This device has literally turned our lives around. I used to work for a Dental Prosthetist who made Silent Night snoring devices and they cost many times more than the RIPsnore does. Plus there were a number of appointments to pay for to have dental impressions taken and also to have the device “fitted.” I don’t know if they even worked.

    I have recommended this device (which has resulted in sales) to a number of work colleagues whose marriages were suffering because of incessant snoring.

    They have also reported great results. One lady has noticeably clearer eyes when I see her now. I had only ever known her to appear bleary eyed and somewhat flat because she was just always so tired.

    Thank you for not only creating a device that actually works – but for making it affordable for the every day person. AP.

    RIPsnore is very proud to help the customer Stop snoring and change their lives.

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