What Causes Snoring – Cures and Remedies

What Causes Snoring?

what causes snoring factsWhat causes snoring and what are the best solutions to treat this problem?  There are many factors that cause this disorder but not all cases are chronic. For some individuals, snoring may only occur when they are too tired and stressed. For others, snoring can be a symptom of a more serious health condition. It is vital that you find out what causes snoring so that you can better deal with it in terms of finding the best cures and treatment.

Snoring is classified as sleep disorder and causes among individuals may tend to vary. You too can have the disorder regardless of age but it most cases, the disorder gets worse as you get older. There are habitual snorers, as well as occasional snorers. It can be hard for a person to determine on his own what causes snoring, so the best way is to ask a family member to listen to you when you are asleep. Those with spouses or partners are well- aware of the situation but are sometimes reluctant to admit it.

If you snore occasionally, you have nothing to worry because an outside factor is what causes snoring. Once the ‘trigger’ is removed, you can now sleep well. In the case of habitual snorers, immediate medical assistance is required. Only a doctor can determine the reasons specifically, and he can rule out whether its sleep apnea or not.

What Causes Snoring and the Risks

The airflow is obstructed is one primary reasons for this sleep disorder. The physically obstruction is usually found in the nose or mouth area. The sound of the snore originates from the vibration of the throat when a person breathes. Snoring can also be due to the following factors:

  • Long uvula or soft palate – this pertains to the tissue at the back of your mouth. When these tissues are too long, it will vibrate when you are asleep and this is what causes snoring or the irritating snore sound.
  • Poor tone of the muscled on your tongue and throat – when the muscles are too relaxed, it is what causes snoring. Normal aging, alcohol, sleeping pills, and deep sleep can lead to snoring if you have poorly toned muscles.
  • Bulky tissues on the throat – this is common among the obese or overweight individuals. At times, large adenoids and tonsils among children can also be ruled out.
  • Clogged nasal airways – this might be due to allergies, sinus infection, nasal polyps, and deformities since air can’t pass.

Each of the factors mentioned above is are some common reasons for snoring. It is vital that you seek immediate help if you are a habitual snorer because there is health risks associated with this disorder. Snoring can interrupt breathing for a few seconds and because of this, your sleep will also be disrupted. When you wake up in the morning, you will feel tired instead of feeling refreshed.

If sleep apnea is what causes snoring, you need medical assistance because this condition tends to have a lot of risks such as heart enlargement, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. This is because the body gets insufficient oxygen. The doctor will be able to help you with the use snoring aids. The best snoring solution will depend on what causes the problem primarily

Finding the Best Snoring Cures and Remedies

For those who snore occasionally, stress and problems might be the contributing factor. If you belong to this category, there are some things that you can do to prevent the disorder. You can start by improving your eating habits and if you’re a bit overweight, you have to cut off the excess pounds. If you are about to go to sleep, you shouldn’t take antihistamines, sleeping pills, or tranquilizers. As long as you know what causes snoring, you can easily control and manage the disorder.

If you or your partner can identify what causes your snoring during your sleep, you can refer to products in the market that can help you cure your snoring problem. These are anti-snoring mouthpiece, throat sprays, jaw supporter, chin strap and special pillows. Generally these products work by clearing the airflow during asleep, thereby preventing the soft palates from vibrating. The effectiveness of the products though vary from person to person depending on how severe or mild the condition is so it really depends on the cause of snoring sound while asleep.   Best approach is ruling out the root cause in the first place in order to best decide which one can work best.

Once you find out what causes snoring, you must strive hard to get a consistent sleeping pattern. Instead of lying on your back, it would be best if you sleep on your side. If you are not comfortable, you can put the pillow together and prop your head. When your head is elevated for a couple of inches higher than the body, you can prevent snoring. If you’re still finding it hard to get a decent sleep, you should seek medical help .

Snoring Facts

A lot of people are still wondering what causes snoring. This is a common question and oftentimes, the answers are unknown. This is because some individuals think that snoring is normal. Well, it can be but if it is habitual, your body is already telling you that something is wrong. Finding out what causes snoring is not that hard especially if you are aware of your lifestyle and your family supports you all the way. What causes snoring shouldn’t alarm you. In fact, you should be prepared to deal with it.

There is nothing wrong in finding out what causes snoring. You are not the only one who is looking for answer. For some people, this is very complicated. Basically, it has something to do with the respiratory system. Find out what causes snoring by discussing the symptoms with your doctor.

It is never too late to find out what causes snoring. You are not alone in your struggles. Lots of couples and individuals are facing the same situation.  Choose one that specializes in this sleeping disorder. Make sure that you provide all the details and medical history asked by the doctor. At times, tests are also going to be conducted. Get the support of your family so that you can say goodbye to this disorder. Determine what causes snoring and live a healthier life!