Cures For Snoring – 7 Steps to Stop Snoring

For some people snoring can be a real problem. Practically everyone snores at some time or another, especially males. The basic cause of snoring is an airway blockage that is caused by either relaxed muscles at the back of the throat or on some cases a blocked up nose causing a person to breathe through their mouth when sleeping.

1. One of the most common causes of snoring is the drinking of alcohol before going to bed. Alcohol has the effect of relaxing the muscles and often when having drunk a considerable amount people tend to sleep on their back which adds to the problem.
Cure – Do not drink alcohol before retiring.

2. People tend to snore more when they are lying on their backs.
Cure -one treatment is to sew or tape a tennis ball or other such object into the back of their sleepwear. This will then encourage them to turn onto their side rather than lay on their back which will be uncomfortable. It is possible to use a foam wedge to create the same result.

3. Cigarette and cigar smoking tends to cause dry and irritable airways which is the reason that many smokers are also regular snorers.
Cure – Stop Smoking

4. Overweight people snore because when you put on excess weight some of that will go on your throat and neck. These extra fat deposits can narrow the airway and this can lead to snoring.
Cure- Lose weight

5. In some cases there may be an underlying medical condition that is causing the snoring problem. This could be caused by an infection of the tonsils or an ear nose and throat problem. A blocked nasal passage could be due to having a heavy cold and if you have any reason to believe that your snoring is being caused by a medical condition the cured is simple.
Cure- Go and see your doctor.

6. Try a anti snoring devise.
There are an innumerable number of devises designed to stop you snoring. Most of them are designed to prevent the lower jaw from falling back whilst you are asleep. Another simple and popular treatment is the use of nasal strips which affix across the nose to keep the nasal passage open.
Cure- Find a suitable device for you.

7. Make your partner’s life better.
If all else fails and your snoring is causing problems for your partner there are one or two options if you do not wish to take any of the curative measures.
Cure- Buy your partner a set of ear plugs. Sleep in separate rooms.

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  1. Pokhun Sunil says:

    Hi I am 38 yrs old and I snore too loud while sleeping. This is causing a big nuisance to my family. I am 5feet6inches and weight 75kgs.

    Please help me to get rid of the snorring.


    Sunil Pokhun

  2. admin says:

    It is really a matter of finding out which products works for best, and you will know that once you try out some of them. Just have patience and dont give up too easily.

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