Top 5 Snoring Remedies and Cures – Which Anti-Snoring Device Work?

There are tons of anti-snoring devices that promise to stop snoring and put an end to a partner’s sleepless nights. However, the effectiveness of these products actually vary from person to person, depending on how mild or severe the case maybe. We put together five snoring solutions and remedies that can address this sleeping problem.

What Causes Snoring?

The sound made during snoring basically roots from an obstructed air movement of the respiratory system specifically the uvula and soft palate. The obstruction however may be caused by several factors starting from fat around the throat, muscle tension, enlarged tonsils, weakness of the throat or even drinking alcohol. In some cases, snoring may be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea.

Snoring Remedies and Cures

Following are some of the most effective snoring remedies available in the market today.

Anti Snoring Devices for Light Snorers

1. Anti Snoring Strips

Strips are conveniently plastered just over the bridge of your nose. What it basically does is open the nasal passage so that a person can breathe more conveniently. They usually come in various sizes so that they will fit comfortable with whoever uses them. Currently one of the most effective anti-snoring strips out in the market today include the Breathe Right Nasal Strips brand. This product is drug-free and doubles as relief for nasal congestion cause by colds, allergies and sinusitis. The idea is to clear the nasal passages to help reduce snoring

2. Anti Snoring Spray

An anti snoring spray is easily applied and may come in oral and nasal form. The ingredients in the product relaxes the nasal or throat passage so that the vibration done through breathing is minimized. What’s great about this type of snoring cure is that it is very easy to use and may be purchased in small amounts. Some of the brands you might want to try out includes the Snore Hush brand which also doubles as a morning-breath preventive.

Anti Snoring Pillow
This type of snoring preventive angles the body forward so as to prevent the vibrations in the respiratory system. What the product basically does is align the head to the spinal column to prevent snoring while ensuring that a person remains comfortable during sleep. There are currently numerous anti snoring pillows out in the market today although none of them received positive reviews from consumers.

Anti Snoring Devices for Heavy Snorers

3. Anti Snoring Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is simply placed inside the mouth when a person is sleeping. What they do is prevent the tissues at the back of the throat from vibrating which is the cause of the snoring sound. Some of the top mouthpiece in the market today includes the Snore Ex. When buying this type of snoring treatment, you should always check for the correct size for maximum comfort. It should be individually molded to fit the person’s mouth.

4. Chin Strap for CPAP patients

A chin strap does exactly what the name suggests – straps the chin to prevent heavy snoring. The method is actually very effective as it addresses the issue of vibration regardless of the underlying reason for the snoring. Ideally, you should purchase a chin strap that can be adjusted for comfort like the CPAP Chin Strap made by CPAP Gear Shop has good and positive reviews from CPAP patients. It’s made from 100% cotton so its light and comfortable to wear. It’s fully adjustable, secured and stable unlike other chin straps being sold in the market. Please bear in mind though that this chin strap is specifically for patients using CPAP machine.

5. Lifestyle Changes as Snoring Cure

Some of the causes of snoring are actually controllable. For example, snoring caused by fat in the throat area could easily be fixed if a person decides to lose weight. Not eating a heavy meal or drinking alcohol before going to sleep would also be a good way to prevent this problem. In some cases, men who snore are turned by their partners as sleeping on your stomach could actually prevent the problem.

Keep in mind though that snoring is a highly individual condition. This means that what might work for one may not work for another person. Hence, don’t be discouraged if the first product that you try doesn’t give you the results that you want. You can either try again or simply go to the doctor for a prescription. If the condition becomes too disturbing, it is always best to seek the advice of the doctor for a professional approch on how to stop snoring.